“A charming book that will appeal to children of all ages."

Bob Mustin, author, blogger, and publisher for Gridley Fires Books, LLC, Asheville, NC

“Funny and exciting! An enjoyable read for adults too - the stories remind me of my childhood. ‘Dad Approved’ says it all."

Tommy Tabb, Dad, Conyers, GA

“I can’t wait to read the next one!”

Alex, 5th Grader, Moore,  SC

“My favorite character is Little John, and Rover the dog is so mischievous that he reminds me of my little brother.”
 Thomas, 4th Grader, Suwanee, GA

“Make room on your bookshelf for this imaginative series. Its loveable characters will make you smile.”
 Rebekah Brooks, Mom, Seattle, WA

“I can't wait for the third book so I can continue the tale of mystery and misadventure! These are a great read for children and adults of all ages."
Carol Woodham, M.Ed, Elementary Educator, Montgomery, AL

“I LOVE the story! The characters all have unique personalities and the school bus rides really take me back because I remember furiously doing homework on my lap almost every morning."

Laura Meier, Writer and Fan, Kennesaw, GA