The Fox Tree Chronicles


“The Fox Tree”

 Book #1 

What happens when two suburban kids make a strange discovery in the woods behind their house? Their search for the answer begins as they sit under the branches of the giant “Fox Tree.”

Sissy and Little John, as they are known to almost everyone, live the lives of typical middle-class suburban kids; school, sports, church, friends, and family. Their trusty dog Rover spends most of his life looking for a way to get out of the backyard and into the neighbors’ garbage cans. When Little John makes a surprising discovery, the result is an adventure back in time where a pirate known as One-Eyed Pete seems to know more about the two siblings than he lets on. 


“The Fox Tree” is the first in the Fox Tree Chronicles series of chapter books that follow the Polk kids on their exciting quest to discover the secret power of the arrowheads.  Look for the escapades to continue in the second book in the series, “Little John’s Secret.”

“Little John's Secret”

Book #2

The wild adventure continues when Little John breaks a solemn promise and tells his best friend Owen Kelly about the strange discovery that he and his sister made. What all follows?  The answer to that question and others awaits within the pages or this,the second book of the Fox Tree Chronicles series.

When two boys set out seeking adventure, almost anything can happen.  Little John and his best friend Owen find the adventure they were looking for and bring an unexpected guest back to the Polk residence. In almost no time at all, the boys are in a jam and Sissy figures out what they’ve been up too. What will happen if their mom uncovers their secret too? The three of them aren’t about to let that come to pass!

Little John’s Secret” is the second in the Fox Tree Chronicles series that follows the Polk kids’ on their exciting quest. Look for more amazing adventures to come in the third book, “Arrowheads, Inc.”